In a fast-paced digital world where we are bombarded with news, advice, and offers for the next greatest deal, it is often difficult to take a moment to concentrate and plot strategies for your current and future financial success.

On the occasions you can take a breath and focus on your financial situation, it is frequently difficult to keep straight the various vehicles, funds, and strategies that are available and figure out which ones best apply to your situation. That’s where we at The Cook Company come in.

Our goal is to slow down time and help you find the best strategies for your situation. Our relationship begins with a series of face to face conversations that help us better understand your current financial situation and the goals you have for your financial future. We use the information gathered during these initial conversations as the basis for the recommendations we make moving forward. You are under no obligation to act on the advice we provide and there is no fee for these initial discussions.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we have a fiduciary responsibility to do what is in your best interest, not ours. As such, we are compensated directly by our clients through flat fees calculated as a percentage of client assets under management with us. We do not accept commissions or other compensation from investment companies for placement of client assets.

Our fees are separate from the internal management fees charged by mutual fund companies, disclosed in a fund’s prospectus. Such charges, fees, and commissions are exclusive of and in addition to our fees. We do not receive any portion of the fees, commissions, or costs charged by investment management firms.

In cases where insurance is a valuable component of a client’s financial well-being, we receive customary insurance commissions on transactions executed with insurance companies. You are under no obligation to fulfill insurance requirements through us.

We would value the opportunity to discuss your situation with you and earn your business. Call The Cook Company or email us today!