Wherever you are in your financial journey, The Cook Company is eager to assist. Whether you are a recent college graduate figuring out how to pay down college loans and establish a regular investment program, a mid-career professional balancing a growing family and increased financial freedom, or a retiree living off the assets you carefully set aside to depend on in retirement, we are here to help. With no minimum investment requirements, our goal is to grow with you.

Our primary services include:

  • Investment Advising

    The Cook Company helps you evaluate investment vehicles including those used for retirement funds, as well as more liquid assets, paying particular attention to proper asset diversification within those vehicles. We assist with both assets under management and, where appropriate, evaluating investment options available elsewhere to you, such as your 401(k) at work.

  • Financial Advising

    The Cook Company works closely with you to assess your overall financial situation and provide advice on asset allocation strategies to maintain and build your asset base in accordance with your financial goals and life situation.

  • Life Insurance

    The Cook Company offers insurance products that provide added financial security to families, both for protection and estate planning purposes. Products include Life Insurance, Disability Income Insurance, and Long-Term Care Insurance. Al and Tim Cook are licensed insurance producers in the State of Colorado.

  • Strategy and Collaboration

    The Cook Company works with your other advisors such as attorneys and CPAs to better coordinate and integrate your chosen strategies.